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Since 1992, promoters of HEADA have provided critical technical roles for the successful implementation of a variety of projects and worked to confront critical health and development issues in Central Africa

Through different projects and together with local and international NGOs and government partners, our experts have developed significant capabilities to identify challenges, develop and test innovative solutions, and scale up successful strategies.

HEADA's capabilities include:

    to identify service-delivery challenges and test solutions that improve various health programs such as zoonosis diseases and surveillance, family planning and reproductive health, HIV and AIDS services, programs for adolescent girls, outbreaks preparedness and management, etc.;
    that provide data needed by national governments to develop evidence-based health and development policies;
    to increase use of evidence by local decision makers as they make critical choices about policies, programs and deployment of resources to achieve health and development goals;
    to document the significance of the link between population and development;
    to rigorously assess the effect of a given intervention, policy, or program;
    on various diseases known to cause public health threats, as well as research to understand how they are transmitted to humans or among humans, including emerging and reemerging infectious diseases (e.g. Malaria, HIV and other sexually transmitted infections, tuberculosis, hemorrhagic fevers, etc.;
    support, to serve as field implementation partner to international research organization specialized in clinical trials for promising products to determine their efficacy and safety.
    Through HEADA Relief Services, humanitarian and charitable interventions are implemented to support underserved populations with support from the expertise of volunteers from "HEADA-Doctors of Communities" (Heada_MdC).
    support, to ensure field implementation partner to international organization whose vocation is to ensure that technologies developed and available worldwide are also available to the poorest and most vulnerable people in our communities served.
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care & Treatment among different target populations (Defense and Security Forces including other uniformed personnel; key populations and other priority populations such as long-distance-truck drivers, client of sex workers, adolescent young girls and women, drug users, street children, prisoners, refugees, and other general population.)
  • eHealth capacity building to promote and strengthen the use of ICT in health development, from applications in the field to global governance; innovative research directed towards the adaptation of ICT as a support to local development
  • Maternal, Child and Reproductive Health
  • Health System Consulting
  • Clinical Research Studies (disease surveillance, product evaluation through cohort studies, pre-clinical studies for site preparation such as incidence cohort studies).
  • Global Health Security in support to International Health Regulations
  • Capacity strengthening programs that serves as the catalyst to safeguard global health security, improve patient outcomes, respond and prevent acute public health threats.
  • Community Development and Empowerment.
  • Environmental protection and sustainable development.
  • Public health research and population-based studies; Socioeconomic studies; Impact studies; Environmental studies.
  • Actions for quality education in rural and urban areas
  • Workforce development through promotion of internships, involvement of local and foreign volunteers in the field and community interventions.
  • Communication in support to health and development initiatives.
  • Humanitarian and charitable interventions (targeting orphans and vulnerable children, the disabled, the needy and marginalized populations); health promotion, disease prevention and improvement of access to quality health care for underserved populations through the expertise of volunteers from "HEADA-Doctors of Communities" (Heada_MdC).

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